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Prepare yourself for sights rarely seen - pristine wilderness, complete with towering cliff systems, huge cave entrances, natural arches and spectacular wildlife. We ensure that tourism occurs at a sustainable level with minimal disturbance to the environment.  Unlike traditional tours, your fees directly support biodiversity conservation in the Chiquibul forest, protecting species and habitats for future generations.  Select from the following menu of adventures, or let us help you create a custom experience.  

Monitoring the MacawMonitoring the Magnificent Scarlet Macaw
Upper Macal River, Chiquibul National Park, Belize

Join Chiquibul National Park rangers and jungle experts on an exclusive conservation expedition along the Macal and Raspaculo rivers, where you can view these spectacular birds nesting in trees and flying above the Chiquibul Forest. 



Explore the Chiquibul Cave SystemExplore the Largest Cave System in Central America
Chiquibul Cave System, Cayo District, Belize

Concealed beneath the Chiquibul forest canopy, in the shadow of archaic rock walls, lies the Chiquibul Cave System, the longest and largest known network of caves in Central America. Hike through lush primary forest; explore 4 caves; and view close up, ancient Maya pottery that has been dormant in the darkness for over 2000 years. 


Wildlife ExpeditionsChiquibul Wildlife Expeditions   
Bird watching, river floats, camping, caving...

Whether you enjoy tubing, caving, bird watching or archeology; or desire to deepen your experience of wilderness conservation issues, we aim to exceed your expectations. Belize is famous for its geological features;  sink holes, peaks, and natural limestone arches carved and sculpted over millions of years.We offer day long, overnight, and multiple day/night trips. Our experienced team of rangers, naturalists and trip specialists can offer suggestions based on your individual interests.  

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