About Us

About Us

Eco Quest Expeditions is a Belizean tour agency established in 2005 to promote and support biodiversity conservation in the magnificent Chiquibul/Maya Mountain Region, through responsible travel.

How We Are Different 

Fees from our expeditions directly support Chiquibul protected area conservation programs which are managed by Friends for Conservation and Development, a leader in Belize conservation efforts.  Our shared goals are to provide the best management possible of the Chiquibul/Maya Mountain Region, in ways which benefit the local economy and people of Belize.  This area encompasses over 7.7% of the land mass of Belize. Conservation programs include environmental awareness, sustainable livelihoods, wildlife monitoring, research and bi-national cooperation aimed at the protection of the Chiquibul/Maya Mountain Key Biodiversity Area. 

Expeditions and Adventures

We offer a range of package and custom adventures within the Cayo District of Belize, Central America. Visitors can experience the pristine beauty of Belize’s most protected natural resources; explore the critical challenges vulnerable species and habitats face; and help research efforts by monitoring flora and fauna alongside highly trained park rangers and jungle experts. Expeditions include Scarlet Macaw Monitoring trips in the Mountain Pine Ridge and Chiquibul National Park, exploration of the Chiqubul Cave System, the largest cave system in Central America, and custom wildlife tours incorporating canoeing, climbing, hiking, caving, boating, birdwatching and cultural exploration. 

Our StaffOur Staff

Our naturalist guides and rangers have extensive experience conducting short and long distance expeditions in the most extreme and rugged areas of Belize imaginable. Eco Quest strives to hire and train guides living near the wilderness areas and tour locations you visit. This policy helps to ensure a positive  impact on the local economy. 


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